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3 fundamentals for living healthy

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hello dear friends,

Truly grateful for your patience.

Actually this whole week went emotionally challenging for me as my lovely daughter stepped on her biggest milestone..schooling.

Our child's first day of school is remembered and cherished by every parent. When she enters the school campus and teacher asks us to please leave and watchman closes the gate... I do not know what to name this feeling but something happens inside abdomen..some what similar to result fear, anxiety, happiness, thought that our loved one will be out of our sight for some hour of day.

Anyways as time passes this will become a routine. And both child and parents (I suppose) will overcome this emotional turbulance.

40% of our diet should include fresh fruits and veggies.

Coming back to the title. In earlier post I had left you with 3 basic habits for healthy body so today I will discuss them in detail.

3 fundamentals for living Healthy:

1. Good eating habits:

We are not supposed to just fill our stomach. Aim towards getting as much as nutrients from the food we eat. Also it is more important to watch HOW we eat, WHEN we eat; then to WHAT we eat.

TIPS: Always pause for just 30 seconds before eating food and drinking water to say thank you to the almighty GOD. food and water holds energy so why not feed us only high and positive energy. Once give it a try..while eating or drinking pause and keep all world's rubbish out of your mind and be happy and grateful. enjoy your meal.


Always start with eating raw food like salads and fruits first when your stomach is empty.

This will help their easy digestion and maximum of their nutrition will be absorbed by our system.

Raw food contains maximum of enzymes which are good for our body as compared to cooked food because while cooking most of the enzymes get destroyed.

You will feel more energetic and light if 40% of your diet consists of fresh fruits and veggies.


People tend to forget what are teeth meant for. I have seen so many who just gulp their food as soon as they put it in mouth. I really do not understand why are they in so much hurry when all that matter at the end of the day is this. Be conscious and chew your food as much as possible.

Ideally its stated that every morsel should be chewed 32 times. so we can try hard to chew it ATLEAST 20 TIMES.

Many problems related to stomach will be solved.

TIP: Take small bites because we cannot keep food for more time in our mouth and end up gulping big portions.

So keep it small and chew properly.


Please do not drink water while having food as this will dilute the digestive acids present in stomach and makes it hard for our stomach to breakdown what we eat and leads to indigestion.

But making a slight change in habit of drinking water will make a huge difference and will boost your digestive mechanism.

TIP: All you have to do is drink water at least 45 minutes before meal and 1 hour after meal.


When we were kids, do you remember our mom and dad were the one who always use to say this to us-- "don't go flat after eating. sit or walk."

Never go to bed with full stomach because it puts pressure on other organs in the abdomen; which can lead to various kinds of health issues.

TIP: Sit at least for 20 minutes. Do light activities. Or

Walk 100 steps. In India we call it as "shathapawali" literally means 100 steps.

2. Physical Activity:

Increase in sedentary lifestyle comes with many health issues like obesity, back pain, joint pain and list goes on. It is up to us how we manage time for ourselves.

As I said in my earlier post that a sufficiently working body is healthy.


  • Just pause your PC when in office and take a walk for at least 5-10 min. Or just stand up for a while.

  • Even doing household chores will give more than sufficient physical activity or body movement.

  • Exercise few days in a week.

  • Indulge in Yoga for peacefulness

  • Pay attention while you breath. Inhale and exhale fully. Feel gratitude towards GOD while doing this.

  • You can be thankful through out the day while you are busy in every activity. Be thankful for the food we eat, for the world we see, for our all senses, for good digestion, thankful as we can perform innumerable work by hands, thanks that we can walk, for sound sleep and also when we wake up. This will bring happiness from within and you can feel it. You can feel the change in your attitude and the way you look at situations and things.

3. Rest:

Restfulness is the key. Not necessary that rest means sleep.

Sleeping is not the only way to rest. our mind should be in restful mode.

TIP: Do things you love doing like art work, sing songs, painting, gardening, any thing that makes you feel happy and you tend to forget all the life problems.

Always head towards bringing meaning to your life. Read good quality books. By quality I mean the one that enriches you, enlighten you, inspires you or motivate you in some way.

One motherly TIP: If you have kids, you have advantage. Play and spend quality time with them (physical activity# mind relaxes# you and kids both will be joyful).

Eat well.. do well... sleep well


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