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Art of cooking food

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Cooking is an art..and as I indulge in it truly it gives me immense joy…(of course when the new recipe I try turns out yummy..)

I thought before starting my posts on recepies and cooking tips; I should share One most important thing with everyone who cooks and getting into it.

Happy cooking. Food cooked with joy brings joy.

In Indian scriptures it is said that..”Jessa aan wesa maan”. Means the food we eat have great impact on our mind and thought process. The feelings we put while cooking food.. passes to everyone who eats.
Food is bhramha..it absorbs energy..negative or positive

If you are angry, sad or upset these negative emotions surely pass to the one who eats.

But imagine if you cook food with peaceful mind, happily..these same feelings transfer to the person you serve food..even to us. And magic is no one knows why they feel so light and happy after eating the food you cooked. And it will slowly enhance our family life.

Simple trick..if you are unable to keep that chaos out of your mind..just chant some mantra(even as simple as OM chanting) you know.

So try to be happy and conscious while you cook..it a simple way to experience peacefulness and joy..and great thing it multipies when you serve.

Recommended: I highly recommend every moms and to be moms to cook for their loved ones,their kids with lot of love and affection and with positive feeling that by having food cooked by you they will be getting strong and healthy. They will get all nutrition required for their body.

some take away points that will some how enhance your life:

1. No gadgets while eating. no cellphones on dining table. Make it a rule that starts from you.

2. Atleast have one meal together with family. It should be joyful and No office or even household to do list discussions. No stress and tension while eating, as I said above, food absorbs energy because what we talk or think emits positive or negative energy in the near surrounding. and so is the importance of water there on dining table. Our body is 70% water so we should be very conscious while drinking water.

3. Thank you Prayer. Always try to say thank you prayer after you serve food but before eating. we should be grateful that God gave us food to eat which is going to strengthen our body so remembering the supreme power is very important.

Hope you liked and this made you think in a certain way thats in long run enriching lives. Also I would enjoy hearing from you what are your experiences since you started cooking.

Comment me and share a good piece of thought that will help my readers and me too.

Till then....Happy cooking.


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