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Come out of this lockdown healthier and happier

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Written By My friend,

Preeti Dalvi

(M.Sc in environmental science, a Naturalist and Butterfly lover)

It's the time when we hear of from lock down 'started to extended' but so many people are still figuring out the words 'quarantine' and 'Hydroxychloroquine'

It is an unprecedented experience for all of us due to COVID -19 Pandemic. Almost everyone is going through and finding it as challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle...

Experiencing stress in lock down every second, every minute and every day without getting bored, is really challenging...

We have to accept the challenge to turn stress to happiness! boredom to excitement!!

And It won't be possible without the Mantra:

'Art that breathes by watering and peace by seeing green'

Take some time to sow the seeds of comfort at home and enjoy it, too...

Showtime into Quarentine!

Now a days we all are facing the different crises, some of us almost forgot to breathe into open air. Forgot about how to spend quality time with our loved ones and even with ourselves.

Its high time we have to change our perspective towards life. and Nature has given us this opportunity to learn to live our life in a better way. Instead of corona see the good part of it and enjoy these precious moments that will not come again.

So, how to spend time in nature by sitting in home?

My answer is ‘from plot to plate’.

Plantation is such an amazing activity which can be done anytime no matter what the season would be and is also a great way to be creative and go through the pandemic that we are facing.

It is that time of the year when people start thinking about organic vegetable gardening. Producing some fresh veggies and herbs in window sill, for delicious healthy meal. Now a days it is popularly known as organic kitchen gardening.

Sowing available seeds and plating herbs will not just give you a chemical free food but also the satisfaction of self grown veggies.

There are lots of organizations that conduct gardening workshops; online videos for beginners are also available, such small initiatives to connect peoples to nature are always appreciable.

Also read this post, I am sure it will help you through out the life. Click here

These are the basic steps that will apply no matter the size or shape of your garden.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your garden:

Step 1: Selection of good location: Even if you are planning to grow in windows or balconies the area must have good amount of sunlight.

Step 2: Obtain good seeds, plants and soil: Sowing, planting and growing is an art and every art has its own story and purpose. So just throwing seeds into soil is not enough! Obtaining good soil, compost, plants or seeds is really important, even if you are planning to sow available seeds directly.

Step 3: Correct Timing: Before plantation don’t forgot to do little research on the gardening. Every plant requires different temperature and humidity to grow. This lockdown season is good for many plants. Just go for it. it's never too late.

Always remember that there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

Step 4: Caring: Your garden requires some care and attention. The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.

Step 5: Be prepared for pest and problems: If you see any insect or if plants are in distress, find out what it is and why.

Step 6: Harvest at peak quality: After all this work, you do not want your fruits too immature or too mature.

Gardening types:

There are different types of creating garden that you can do anytime.

Butterfly garden:

Planting butterfly attracting plants including host and nectar plants.

Now what’s that? Let me explain; Butterfly has fascinating life cycle.

There are four stages of life-cycle. Butterfly lay eggs on the host plant i.e. mamma butterfly lay eggs on plant and when the caterpillar will come out of the egg it will eat that leaves.

Every butterfly has its specific host plants.

After caterpillar stage it will turn into pupa i.e. the process of melting caterpillar body into small bag to turn into beautiful butterfly.

After a week or two, the miracle will happens.

Small bag (pupa) will slowly open and a beautiful butterfly will emerge out and flaunt their wings. After drying their wings it will visit many flowers to drink nectar and pollinate them. Seeing flying beauty around is an stress buster.

If you wish to develop a mini butterfly garden then plant flowers that butterflies will love.

Container garden:

If you don’t want to buy pots, you can use containers available at your home for plantation (Including paint buckets, plastic bottle to tin). You can even decorate it by using some colours, oil-paints or available materials to add some fun into it.

Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs garden:

Growing edibles taste even better when you grow them yourself. A fruit comes from the hard work and seeing it growing from baby to adult gives a satisfaction and add more taste into your dish (even if it is a bitter guard).

Organic Garden:

Chemical free garden by composting, waste recycling and use of natural fertilizers and pesticides. What else anyone want?

Water Garden:

water garden can be created in small space. The technique is called hydroponics. It does not require specific machines or setup to grow at home. You can grow leafy vegetables by using containers or baskets without the use of soil along with ample amount of sunlight.

Vegetables grown through water gardening are considered more healthier as it eliminates problem of weeds, soil-borne pests and bacteria.

Take away:

But beyond all this, just one important thing is required that is 'Passion'. If you have passion for growing green, you can start. The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is all about relationship; relationship with nature. As you all have noticed that nature is damn happy in this lock down with no human being to disturb the environment.

So Once you start loving plants, the smile and happiness will come on your face too.

Its all about Choosing right companionship, my dear friends!!

Till then....Happy Gardening...Happy you

stay safe.. stay home


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