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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Thank you God for everything.

Today I am going to share with you some affirmations and sentences that you can say every night before you sleep. I will also talk about the importance of doing this later. You can say any one or combination of all sentences or use these just for your reference and make your own.

  • "Thank you God for wonderful day.''

  • Today everything went so good and I know tomorrow morning and whole day will be wonderful too.

  • Forgive me for all mistakes that I have made knowingly and un knowingly.

  • I promise to myself that tomorrow I will be better version of me

  • I am going to have a sound and deep sleep and wake up full of energy.

  • I am healthy, I am happy and peaceful.

  • I am blessed and grateful for this beautiful and precious life.

  • I am abundant and prosperous.

Above said lines are the ones which I say to God every night. And believe me it gives me immense peace and lighten from stressful day.

MOM TIPS : I make my 2 toddlers to practice this daily as a bed time ritual followed by simple OM chanting only 5 times (As they are just 2 and 4 year old girls.)

Motto is to keep aside all rubbish clutter out of mind while we sleep. Feel gratitude for good moments.

No screen time..the moment you feel sleepy keep everything aside and be with yourself and talk to yourself the above lines. Or any thing positive. Anything that you want to make it happen. Dream about your goal after thanking God.

And do this till you fall asleep.

Be aware of what you take with you while you sleep TODAY because it will effect your TOMORROW.

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It has been proved scientifically that our subconscious mind is working while we sleep and it is always receptive. It is the subconcious mind that governs our life. It stores every single thing that we see, do or think. so by changing the thought process we are trying to program our subconsious mind for our betterment and success.

In Indian culture there is a ritual before we sleep.

There are set of shloka that are recited when on bed. The above sentences are to some extent meaning of the shloka.

Interested to know the full shloka and meaning.

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Till then... never miss the best time of your day (5 min before sleeping) to bring happiness and good health.


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