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Home remedies for acne

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

2 Super easy and effective Home remedies for acne

Acne is most common and irritating. It effect peoples of any age but teenagers are mostly Disturbed by it's very first appearance. Though adults are use to it but these acne some how manage to make us pull our hairs.

I still wonder that how these little beauty spots suddenly appear from nowhere..specially when we are super excited for a party, date, or say any function.

Anyways you and me are here to list down best home remedies to suppress these breakouts. I know you must be waiting for remedy so that you can try it out today and get rid of acne as early as possible.

Let's get started

You can simultaneously make these remedies and apply to your face, because I have picked super easy and readily available ingredients at home but at the same time these are also effective to subside the effect of pimples and help in it's fast recovery.

1. Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder (Haldi) is a well known spice. We cannot think without it because apart from giving nice color and flavor to the recipe.. it has a medicinal value and thus it carries special place in Indian cuisine.

I insist you to deliberately include haldi in your skin remedies too.

Anti microbial property of turmeric makes it perfect solution for acne.


Mix some turmeric powder with milk or honey or rose water or simply water to form a paste.

And apply to the affected area or whole face. Do not apply near eyes.

When it dries out wash your face with luke warm water, even normal water serves the purpose.


Suppress pimples by killing bacteria and also reduces the dark spots and lightens the skin.

Frankly speaking I am not a person who routinely tries home made remedies or keep myself indulge in skin care routines. Definitely I make a point to take basic care of my skin and do maintain proper hygiene as I am blessed with oily skin.

Do not worry.. good thing is that I will only share the ones which I have tried and worked for my skin type. And they will be easy enough to make.

Ok moving to next remedy

2. Ice cubes

YES!! you must be heard of this remedy on Instagram or from your friends.

As it was so handy, I gave it a try and it worked out for me; the size and pain was magically decreased overnight.


Take ice cube directly or cover it in thin cloth and rub on and around acne region.


Increases the blood circulation that fasten up the healing process.

You can also rub ice cube all over after washing your face for its skin toning effect.

But if you have more acne then avoid rubbing all over face till acne disappears, till then concentrate on affected area..OK

Thats it friends.. do tell me how these remedies helped you and subscribe to my site for future updates as and when I try out easy, safe and effective remedies to share.

Till then... Take care of your skin


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