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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Life is beautiful and we have to make it more beautiful and definitely Prayer is the first thing that make it all happen.

No matter who you are, how educated, how rich etc.. everyone has to face challenges. All are born with their own set of struggles. everyone here is stressed out, pissed off, angry, jealous on some or the other thing right..and the list goes on and on..all are negative emotions; for sure not good for us.

That is why today I thought to share something on so basic thing PRAYER.

Praying is a daily ritual in Hindu families. Prayer is simply expressing GRATITUDE, thanking God or supreme power or Universe anything you call it.

People are so used to it that they can do it robotically just for the sake of doing. But what matters most is the feelings, emotions you put while praying.

I am breaking the word PRAYER for better understanding...

Purity or positivity are benefits of praying. we should deeply believe that we are pure souls but because of this external world we have forgotten our oneness with God.

In Shrimad bhagwad Geeta; Lord Krishna said, "I am residing in everyones heart and I am present everywhere." This one statement by God is sufficient for us to be positively charged because the supreme power is with us.

Relax..because now we know that God is with us. and while praying you have remembered Him with pure emotions. Trust God what he has for us is way better and bigger. Even bad days are their to teach us some valuable lessons in life.

So relax and appreciate what You have.

Attitude changes towards life. We feel happy and positive.

And unlike others.. we are so faithful and cheerful that instead of asking for problem-free life we ask for inner strength, peace, joy and happiness not only for us but for everyone.

It is rightly said by Rev. Samuel shoemaker.."Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes YOU for things."

You get some one to one ME time with the higher energy.. all you have to do is in our sweet home; have a defined place for Mandir that allow us to seat or stand in front of God to experience this inward journey which gives immense peace.

Energy..that is full of positivity surrounds us while praying. For instance, On auspicious days we visit Temples, Churches, Gurudwaras, Mosques etc every religion have their unique place to worship God. Aura of these places are so filled with positive energy and I guarentee that everyone of us has experienced inner peace and pleasantness when we have even entered the premises.

Realization of the fact that God rewards for our faithfulness. He has a purpose for our pain. There is always a reason for our struggles hence we should trust him and do not give up.

People are often unhappy and frustrated as they do not realize the value of what they already have. They take every thing for granted.

But a deep feeling of gratitude for all that life has offered in itself is a positive karma and brings more peace, joy and abundance.

Take away for us:

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

  • Prayers give inner strength to face the challenges of life. but while it is good to pray, it is also important to be good & do good.

  • Prayer is the best thing one can do for oneself to kick-start their day.

This was just the start of our conversation...I'll love your comments on my first blog post And anything you want to ask me.

see you soon friend


happy praying

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