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Skin - Facts you must know!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


Our skin is made up of 7 layers and it is the second largest organ in human body.

It varies among population as skin type ranges from dry to oily.

Make skincare a daily routine.


Its main function is to safeguard underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs.

Also it regulates our body temperature, sensation, synthesize vitamin D and protects vitamin B folates to some extent.

It acts as a barrier from external environment. and thus it experience a lot through out the day as pollution, changes in weather, etc effects skin appearance and its health.

It protects our body from outside pathogens.

Also prevents water loss.

Types of skin

I will discuss here 4 types of healthy skin. This will let you recognise your skin type and accordingly help you to make right choices for your skin while choosing home remedies or any skin product.

read on...

1. Normal skin

It is well balanced skin type means it produces neither too dry nor to oily.

2. Dry skin

This skin type produces lesser sebum than normal skin. As sebum produced is less the skin lacks essential lipids for retaining moisture and building protective layer against external influences. Thus it feels rough, tight and appears dull.

3. Oily skin

Our skin produces a natural and healthy skin lubricant called sebum. It is released by sebaceous glands present near root of hair follicles.

Oily skin is just over active of these sebaceous glands; which cases skin to produce excessive sebum and makes or skin feel thick and heavy in texture.

Skin with blemishes, shiny appearance and pimples are typical for oily skin.

4.combination skin:

As the name suggests, this type has a mix of skin types. combination skin means the skin type varies between T-zone and cheeks. T-zone is nothing but forehead, nose and chin. So for this skin type the T-zone is oily and cheeks are dry.

Skin care:

Hygiene--crucial element in skin care

Certain amount of microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) are present on our skin and they cannot be removed by any amount of cleaning.

They are part of a healthy skin and are present in complete balance but once this balance is disturbed, there may be an infection or overgrowth.

No wonder how we get that acne when we are suffering from illness or infection. secondly when we are ill we pay less attention to our skin hygiene which also serves the reason for the overgrowth.


Any skin care product should be choosed very carefully as they can trigger allergic reactions. Also it is important to use only those products that suits your skin type.

Sunlight, water and air are important factors for healthy skin. vitamin D is not only important for our bones but also for our skin.

Water intake should be atleast 8 to 9 glasses for well hydrated body. Hydrated skin glows from within and it helps in maintaining natural moisture of the skin.

Diet is the most important factor in overall health and skin is no exception.

it is rightly said that, "what goes inside shows outside." Our body as well as mind is immensely effected by the food we eat and by the way we eat.

healthy diet for glowing skin

For healthy looking skin your diet should be rich in:

Vitamin A- you will get from sweet potato, tomato, spinach

Vitamin D- Go out and get that sunlight for atleast 5 to 30 min. Also you can make it from cheese and eggs

Vitamin C- All tangy fruits like oranges, kiwi, lemon, guava. Also veggies like cauliflower good in vitamin c.

Vitamin E- you can have daily 5 almonds. or else snack on plain roasted peanuts.

Note: Apart from these there are many other good sources of above all vitamins; I have just listed very common sources that you can include in diet very easily.

Prevention is better than cure. I recommend that do not just go for instant care instead prevent it as much as possible.

all you need is healthy living habits which are very easy but need determination. Do check my other related posts and if it helped you in any way please do not forget to comment.

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